We are providing lease financing for heavy equipment loan like truck, trailer, construction vehicles, landscaping equipment, and excavation equipment for our customers to fulfill their business needs within Canada. Whether a new owner operator or run an established fleet, we can ensure them acquire the best-tailored lease finance structure that meets short-term requirements and long-term goals.For all makes and models for new and used trucks and trailers we have a simple and straightforward application process to make lease financing easier.



We provide an alternative financing option for customers who need longer than 30 or 45 days to pay for repair. The customers facing an unexpected repair bill have usual choices of cash, credit cards or net thirty accounts.The application process is designed to be as short as possible so that our customers can get back to road as quickly as possible.



The flexible funding programs for our business owners who are operating for a minimum 12 months and generates revenues of at least $5000 per month. Fast, accessible financing for funding their business projects, working capital and help them in expansion of their business plans. To help them with payment schedules and match cash flow cycles we provide our quick approval services.



Whether it’s an exotic cruise, a trip around the world or that dream trip on your bucket list, a home equity loan from our company and partners may be an excellent option to consider.Our partners have professionals who are capable of working to completely understand the financial situation and provide the customers with options when it comes to obtaining financing for upcoming travel or vacations.



Our service is the essential alternative to bank financing. As a Factor, we simply purchase the interest in the accounts receivables or invoices to another company. Factoring is actually one of the oldest commercial financial services in existence, used by small big business alike.Our services help companies to stay current with their vendors and meet their other financial obligations Without the rigour and coldness of a traditional bank.



Our card is a powerful, convenient payment option specially designed to meet the demands of our customers. This card consolidates transactions on single card, giving you one data point to manage and control purchases, payroll advances and more.We are providing fuel card, which can be used at 7000+ gas pump locations across Canada & USA. It is a discounted fuel card with different discount rates with cash advances, fuel and repairs.We are providing bulk fuel, card lock, on-site fueling in GTA and surrounding area



For successful operation of vehicle we are providing Diesel Exhaust Fluid, uniquely qualified with the knowledge and expertise to improve profits, cut downtime and reduce maintenance expenses. It is intended for use with diesel vehicles using SCR technology. Consumption rates vary but are usually around 5% of diesel consumed. The customer can store the fluid for long period and use it for cold weather.



Tire Sealant is the only product that will work on all types of commercial tires both slow and hi-speed. SEALANT’S advanced technology is the only product in its class qualified as a ground up technology by the Scientific Research and Experimental Development of Canada (SRED).



Alternative options for individuals who own equity whether it be personal or business. These are primarily land assets which can be leveraged for capital required by individual based on interest.



We provide equipment financing to start up businesses as well as owner operators for the purchase of new equipment at premium rates. A specialized program that targets clients who own equipment or machinery that is free and clear and want to raise working capital, business expansion or retire debt against it.The unique Equipment Leaseback financing option allows companies to leverage existing equipment as collateral to secure funding against it. Client is provided funds based on a fair/forced liquidation value of their equipment along with land assets if required.

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